Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Institutionalized Bladder

urinary system
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A few weeks ago we got to hang out with some old friends, one of whom is an elementary school teacher. While talking about teaching he made the comment that he had become so institutionalized that he couldn't even go to the bathroom anymore except at recess and lunch. I thought this was a very funny comment. One which did not apply to me.


In the mindless rush and haze of the last week of school I litterly forgotten to go to the bathroom all day. BECAUSE I WAS TOO BUSY!

My first thought was, 'this can't be healthy.' And since I have a fear of bladder infections that equals only my fear of being buried alive, I am panicked that I may have unintentionally damaged an system that has the potential to embarrass me in public places. In front of family and friends. Or may require the wearing of padded underthings.

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