Monday, January 14, 2008

Haunting Others's Dreams

In November I wrote about my obsession with the Twilight series. Since then I have passed the books onto 2 friends and infected both of them. Sadly, these books cause a viral infection that is almost unstoppable. It can only be cured by staying up all right reading. It's side effects are damn dangerous. And as you will see from the email below, one dear friend's case is full blown. Her brain has started to shred under the lack of sleep and her dreams have become paranoid and fashion conscious. I fear there is no hope.

Hey, don’t get me wrong I do NOT dream about you as a general rule but last night I had a dream with you in it. All I can remember is that you and I, and I think Marlene were off on holiday. We were at some old resort like you’d see in an old Bing Crosby movie.

We were preparing to go swimming and you were giving me the gears about my bathing suit. “You never know when you need to look your best and that swim suit is horrible” It was a very nice black sleek bathing suit. Here’s the funny part you whip out your suit to show us and it is purple with 6 white bunny tails on the front. This is all I remember as I jumped out of bed due to the fact I neglected to set my alarm the night before. Why? Reading New Moon. I got up at 7:30 and have to be at work at 8. Needless to say not even the bunny swim suit would make me look good today.

Oh, sweetie, sometimes a purple bunny suit with 6 tails is all you need to look good! Well, maybe 7 tails would be better.

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Unknown said...

Okay, I guess I'm going to have to see what these books are about. I've read all of Patrica Cornwells, and all of John Sanfords.

But if I have a dream of you in something strange, don't blame me! LOL