Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sad Days

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Last year I made an investment in me. I bought a DVR so I would never have to miss a beloved TV show again. Some called it obsessive. Mark called it too expensive. The cats feel threatened by it. And me? I am so in love with it, I would marry it in Vegas wearing a mini-skirt.

Of course, that was before the Writer's Strike. Stupid writers strike. Grumble. I am struggling to be the socially conscious person my parents worked so hard to make me and say, stand strong writers! But really what I want to say is, just take what they are offering and get back to work you miserable bastards.

Because my DVR sits empty. And it is a sad machine when it doesn't fulfil its purpose, which is to keep me knee deep in new content. It has become so bad at our house in the last week I have started to download TV shows from the net and burn them to DVD so I can watch them. Shows that would have never landed on the DVR list, but also aren't readily available in Canada. New content has become my heroin.

Oh, PLEASE TV gods, don't forsake me!!

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