Thursday, January 17, 2008

Spinning for Your Life

Spinning Bike - The Wheel
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Last semester I started a Spinning class. For those not in the know, Spinning is hip and cool name they have given to an activity that has you saddled in one place, sweating like you are about to burst into flame, and ends with the disorienting feeling that you just might vomit soon. Calling it stationary bike class just doesn't have the same verve as Spinning. I mean which sounds better?

'You going to stationary bike class?'

'Yeah, I'm going to spinning.' The jury rests.

And suddenly it seems like everyone is Spinning. I mean their is a fair bit of competition in the gym these days regarding the hot exercises. Kickboxing is huge, belly dancing is rocking, and Yoga has become mandatory for anyone serious about being, well, serious. And really with Chakras and Pranas being all that they are, how could it be any other way. But Spinning?

So last week it was time to sign up for this semester's Spinning class. Registration opened at 8:30, by 9 it was full. I was freakin' livid. So I did what any other person in my situation would. I called the program organizer every day until she opened up a second class. She now refers to me as her personal stalker. That's Spinning Stalker to you all.


Anonymous said...

The squeaky wheel always wins!! Happy spinning.

Unknown said...

Hey, I should try that! I started beginning spinner class and did it for three weeks. LOVED IT! BUT, they informed me since only four people ever showed up, they were cancelling it and we would have to go to the advanced class. Well, beginners was at 4:30 and advanced at 5:30. I do have kids I need to pick up at daycare! So, I haven't been able to go back.

Spinner Stalker. Yea, I should try that, but since it's at the YMCA, I don't know if it would matter that much to them.