Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Snow On Pipe

Snow On Pipe
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What we need is a pipeline from Mexico. Not for oil, but for humid air. Can't we bottle some humidity? Can it? I mean just enough so that my nose will stop bleeding?

The last few days have been so cold that Father Winter has ACTUALLY sucked the moisture right out of the air. And luckily for me, it has caused my allergies to flair up. My lips to chap. My skin to dry out. And my noise, when it is not itching and running, to dry up in its best imitation of the Sahara. Whatever is left of me is now facing the same fate as a freezie on a hot summer day.

It really is so unfair that we don't have more humidity. Although I am sure those who do would give me some solid reasons why we don't want it. Frizzy hair, for one. But, I mean, really? Really? I could do frizzy hair.

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Unknown said...

Yea, two of my kids noses' bleed from this dry air. I swear I think it's worse than humidity, as long as it's humid on a cool day! LOL