Monday, February 18, 2008


Alright. Breath. I can do this.

Friday, I registered for my first 10k run. YIKES!!!

I have done triathlons. I have done 5, 6 and 8k runs. So, easy peasy, right?

But, just to cover my ass, as the classic A type personality I am. I would like to bequeath a few things.

To my husband, in the case of my death
  • Give Muffy my engagement ring. She's been married the most and deserves it. Muffy, I love you. Girl power!

  • Give Tash all my skirts and strapless dresses. She'll know what to do with them.

  • Give Kris my high heeled boots and all my cool girl shoes, so that she knows what to look for when she shops. Kris, you can do spike heels. I believe in you.

  • Give Becky my collection of movies. I will help culture you, damn it, even if it takes my death!

  • Give Michelle my bracelets. She is convinced I have one in every colour. Now she can find out.

  • Give my photos to Katya. She is 3. She'll enjoy them most.

  • Give Jill my collection of Suzanna and Trinny books. She will knows what skillet shaped is.


Unknown said...

Wow! I didn't know you were a runner! I use to run, (jog) a long, LONG time ago. I would start again but I'm not sure how. Got any pointers? We are talking, I'm 43, in pretty good shape, but I smoke (I'm trying to stop) and I'm normal weight, AND there aren't any flat places for me run, I would have to run up and down hills.

Come on, TRAIN ME before you die! k?

Anonymous said...

Score I get a ring!! Good luck on the run.

Anonymous said...

Readers Be warned, there are certain "obligations" that follow that ring. I have not gotten "my monies worth" out of the ring just yet.

- Mark

Anonymous said...

What do I have to do for the dresses? I will look fantastic in them! I knew I loved you for a reas9on my dearest Heidi!! How are you feeling though, are the chances of my wardobe improving even close to realistic???