Thursday, March 20, 2008


To get mentally prepared for going on Jenny Craig, I decided to have supper out Monday night. Since I had an hour and a half between the time I left work until my meeting at JC HQ I decided to go to a local watering hole a few block from work.

I brought along my twenty ton text book for the Hardware Maintenance class I am taking. I had full intentions of putting to use the itty bitty highlighter I keep stashed in my purse for just such occasions. But then this couple comes in. They, of course, sat right beside me. I never sit right beside a table with just one person. You are asking for eaves dropping. I, mean, they are by themselves, what better do they have to do but listen to you? And in a city this small, everyone knows everyone. So before you start hacking on Midge and her incontinent rat terrier, you should make sure you are not easily overheard. Not that I talk bad about people. Never, well almost never, except maybe on Sundays between 2 and 4pm. But as I spent 4 years in a Women's fraternity I learned a thing or two about keeping my yap shut in mixed company. Mixed being- you, and said stranger, who most likely knows who it is you just referred to as a misshapen, pointy-faced gargoyle with anti-freeze for blood.

Lucky, for me, this couple knew none of that. So they happily, and loudly chatted away. And I have to say I learned something about a first date.
  1. If you are divorced and out with someone else, don't refer to your house, car, or RV as something 'we' bought. She is not interested in your past-tense 'we', she is looking for a future-tense 'we'.

  2. God, dating is awful. The fidgeting. The mind numbing conversation. It's worse then an episode of Survivor, and not nearly as entertaining as Gossip Girl.


Unknown said...

Ha! Well, maybe you got a little lucky they sat by you? I have to admit, I would definitely eaves drop. I mean, they deserve it, right? But, how did the metting go??

Anonymous said... is exhausting!