Monday, March 24, 2008

The Number is In!

I have lost 3lbs in the last week! This is the first time in months the scale has moved in that direction. Thank you JC!

I was so worried about Easter, and what all that turkey and tippling where going to do, but I still went down. A triumph of the will! Or of reduced calories. Either or.

I now have only 29 more pounds to lose. I have never been this close to my goal weight. At my heaviest I was 200lbs. I am 5'1. I looked like a wide hedge. Gone to seed. Over the past 6 years I have battled to get down to to 135lbs, a little more than what I was in University. But, hey, I ain't that young anymore. Anything less then that, I don't think I could maintain.

I was doing so well until 2 years ago when completing my Masters degree just burnt me out. I lost focus. I lost my will. I spent hours soaking in the tub contemplating my navel. But in the last few months I have felt my desire to get back on track rebounding. You see, I have a process. I do really well. Drop about 20lbs then gain back 10. Then I will drop another 20 and gain back 10. I knew it was only a matter of time before the switch in my brain reset and I was back in weightloss mode. And now I am.

If I can do 2lbs a week, I will reach my goal in June. And when I do, I have already promised myself that I will buy one of the vintage dresses on Posh Girl Vintage that I always covet, but don't currently have the 28 inch waist needed to fit into. That alone is reason enough to succeed!

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Unknown said...

Woo Hoo! I think it's great to lose that much in a week, and I certainly hope you post pictures along the way!

And I love "contemplating my navel"! I almost spit coffee at my screen.