Wednesday, March 26, 2008

When the Coffee Goes Bad

I feel very strongly that my work coffee pot is not a place to experiment with new blends. I know not all will agree with this stand. And I appreciate that some may want to give their new Cajun Hazelnut Sorbet flavour a whirl. I feel their pain. But I beg ya, give it a whirl at home.

I understand you ground the beans yourself. That you swear it is the best coffee you ever tasted. That one sip makes you grow three inches and lose ten pounds. I can appreciate that you are losing your stuff because it is JUST SO DAMN GOOD. But guy, I am not a lab rat. I don't even eat vegetables if I can help it.

If you want me to agree that your coffee is the best thing since Zeus bought rocket pants - fine, I'll taste a small bit. Like in one of those small disposable water cups. That size is adventurous enough for me. And you never know, I might surprise myself and agree that it is a good coffee, that it puts hair on your chest, and that I have been looking everywhere for just such a thing. But I still don't want you making a pot of it, unless it is clearly labeled: Alien Coffee! Consume at Own Risk!

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