Thursday, March 13, 2008

When Only a Martini Will Do

White wine
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In the last year I have become an agonizing wine snob. As in, I drive my friends crazy. Because I want to drink wine. Not screwdrivers. No coolers. Forget shooters.

The problem is I seem to be the minority player in a troupe of steadfast beer drinkers. Beer, unlike wine is a relatively safe drink. Beer will taste almost the same anywhere you go to abide. You can't ruin beer. All you have to do is decide if you want a light or dark beer, and if dark, how dark, and you're in business. Presto, problem solved.

White wine, does not work this way. Most places consider white wine to be the salted pork of the drink menu. They bring in the cheapest, nastiest stuff to fall off the back of the truck. Paint thinner that takes the top coat of skin off your tongue. Or could be used to disinfect surgical tools. Because of this I have started to become very particular about where I will go to have a drink. Life is too short to drink bad wine.

Yet, everyones favorite watering hole has this just tragically bad white wine. But where does everyone want to go? And how many nights do I want to sit at home alone? Leaving me only one alternative, Crantinis. They don't suck and they can be sipped. Isn't it sad when you consider drinking a Martini as trading down?


Unknown said...

Hi Heidi, I have to agree with you completely. Us too have become wine snobs over the past couple years. And it's true restaurants almost always server bad wine (especially white).

We just got back from Mexico and were appalled by the All-inclusive's choice for red wine. It has a 4 gallon jug poured over the shoulder (because when full it took 2 arms to lift it)

It was the Ruby Red of Mexico.

I asked if there were other wines and they said of course...they start at $100 per bottle.

I've been following your blog through google reader lately...good stuff. See you soon.

Anonymous said...

HA! I love red wine, you know that Heidi! But I will NEVER order it in a pub. You need to nurture your casual gal side sweetie. Not every occasion merits a complex full body with oak and red cherry infusions. Sometimes, its all about dirty jokes, laughing till it hurts with good friends, ogling the local eye candy and easy to drink cold beer! God love ya Sugar

Anonymous said...

What are friends for. Now I do happen to know the owner of the pub that is closest to home 4 U. Let me know what wine you want and if you frequent the place often enough I'm sure they will bring in a few bottles, especially if you have other locals that would partake of it as well.

Unknown said...

Yep, I one of those beer girls. Any kind of wine makes my stomach hurt. And kind of fruit drink makes my stomach hurt. Most liquors make my stomach hurt, except teguila, and we all know what happens when tequila is involved! So, MGD is all I ever drink, and most every bar has it!