Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Got 30 Minutes?

I have been using iAmplify Fitness a great deal lately. For those who don't know what iAmplify is, it's the iTunes for workout and lifestyle training. You can download workout, meditation, cooking etc. programs to your iPod. Then you just follow the instructor directions off the mp3 you downloaded onto your iPod.

I started using iAmplify a few years ago, but fell off the wagon. That has changed in the last few weeks because I am so busy. I don't always have time to do a class. And as I am going into summer I am not on campus as much so I need workouts I can take with me. Recently, I discovered Tracey Mallett. She is just one of many trainers who have iPod workouts on iAmplify. I downloaded her Interval Elliptical workout and WOW can you say amazing! First off, I have never seen routines for the Elliptical before, a machine I generally consider very boring. But second, they are only about 30 minutes in length, nice and short. And finally, they pack a punch! This 30 minute routine burnt over 500 calories! I can't even get that type of burn running. And it was so fast and fun I had no problem doing it.

So if you are looking for something that is short, but powerful try it out. She has 3 more routines for the elliptical, I plan to download them all today.

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