Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Intelligent Design

A friend and I were talking about her struggle to get pregnant the other day and we started talking about Intelligent Design. Or, really, the fact that Intelligent Design is a misnomer.

Because the truth is, if we were intelligently designed, and not creatures whose biology developed over millions of years, our bodies would be much smarter. Let's look at society. Right now we live in the information age, mostly you sit around, your ass gets bigger, you play too many video games, and then you buy a DVR. Compare this to the middle ages. At 36 I would be a crone, and most likely dead already from any number of things. No fat ass, no video games, very little sitting around. At that time, because your life span was so short, and your life often harsh, you procreated as soon, and as often as possible; thus insuring the continuation of the species.

Jump forward 700 years. No one needs to get pregnant at 15 anymore. Now you need to get pregnant at 34. Only our bodies are all like, 'you had your window between 16-28, should have gotten busy.' If we were truly intelligently designed wouldn't you be able to download a patch for your uterus to bring it up to date? Of course, by that analogy you could say that a man's ability to father children is like a Mac, able to work for a long period of time with little or no upgrades. Where as a women's ability to bare children is sort of like Windows, it gets outdated with time and harder and slower to work with. So much for intelligent design.

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Unknown said...

Wow! How in the heck did you come up that analogy? It's great!!!!

You know you should patent that, right? LOL

I hope your friend gets preganant soon!