Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sullivan's Travels

Monday's post inspired me, and I have decided to spend the week sharing some of my favorite movie scenes. Today we are going to discuss Sullivan's Travels. This is probably my #1 favorite movie of all time. One day I dream of being a guest programmer on TCM, and this would be my first choice. If you don't have TCM all I have to say is, stock of yourself.

Sullivan's Travels is so tongue in cheek! In a nut shell, Sullivan, a big shot movie director in the 30's wants to make a gritty message movie. Sadly, Sullivan was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and his studio tries desperately to pursued him to continue to make the light comedies he has had so much success with. To prove he can make a serious movie he has decides to strike out as hobo to 'experience' true poverty. In this scene his butler is helping him do this.

You have got to the love the tour bus trailing behind him! Talk about getting an authentic experience!

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Anonymous said...

If you are going to do movie clips I demand you find the A & E version of Pride and Prejudice that has Mr D'arcy (Colin Firth)diving into the lake in front of Pemberly. I will try to think of other clips that have more clever banter but if your looking that is what I want to see.