Thursday, May 22, 2008

Don't Mess With My Beauty Sleep

I am not feeling like my bright sparkly self, despite all the excellent Zen I have been receiving and sending out. So I decided to stay home today. Which is not as relaxing as it sounds, for one very loud reason. Yuko.

Though she has gotten her tuna today. In fact, gets it every morning from a very kind and loving owner, she has been assaulting me for more. I was under the impression that when you heard something over and over again you would by turns become immune to it. Hence why people can actually sleep in New York City. Obviously, this thinking does not extend to the sound of a cat meowing at you non-stop. Nor the way she sits at my feet just far enough out of reach that I can't grab her. When I get up to try and grab her she happily trots to the cupboard where we keep the tuna. When I don't give her any, she starts meowing again. This is what swat teams should blast terrorists with to make them surrender.

When Mark called this morning he asked me what I was doing to her. HE COULD HEAR HER THROUGH THE PHONE! So I told him the truth. I am sticking Red Hot Pokers into her eye sockets. Want to here the sound she makes when I put my foot up her ass?

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