Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Puzzles with Teka and Lily

Every once and a while my sister lets my BFF, Katya, call. The other day was one of these days. Being only 3 Katya doesn't always pick on the nuances of things.

Katya: Tante (German for aunt) Heidi, you come play puzzles with Teka & Lily!
Teka and Lily are her cats, which last time I checked didn't have thumbs, or an interest in anything past licking their butts.
Me: I would love to come play puzzles with Teka and Lily, but I live 2 hours away.

Loooooooong pause. My spidey sense kicks in and I just know what she's thinking, 'Oma, always comes over when I call.' Then I hear the phone drop and her mother scrambling to pick it up. Which is the phone equivalent of, 'Well, I'm done with you then!'

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Unknown said...

Ha Ha Ha!!!!! That is so funny, and so typical of a little girl!!!!