Thursday, May 29, 2008

Today is Stream-of-Thought Thursday

Wherein I undertake the challenge of laying out the convoluted meandering thoughts of one of my recent stream of consciousness. Be warned! This is not for the faint of heart, or men; so says my husband. Or pretty much anyone who would refer to themself as concrete sequential or as an A Type personality.

Last night I was privately bemoaning something when I thought: c'est la vie (that's life), which made me think of the song
Que Sera, Sera (whatever will be will be) which comes from the movie The Barefoot Contessa with Ava Gardener. Which then make think of the marble statue her husband in the movie has made of her. A life size replica of every swoop and curve of a very voluptuous woman's body. Which immediately made me think of how every star in Hollywood today would say that Ava was an absolute heifer. Which lead me to think about my favourite dress in the movie, a grey one with purple buttons that she wears when she meets with Humphrey Bogart at the end. A dress that I thought was FAR too conservative in the neckline, but which Ava makes look like lingerie. So, of course, that took me to thinking about her awesome blue evening dress in The Killers. The one she wears the night she seduces Burt Lancaster. From which I jumped to thinking about the Birdman of Alcatraz and decided maybe an Ativan was in order.

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Unknown said...

Okay, I can't get to the link! And you know, you're right. Hollywood women today are by far TOO skinny, in my HO. Kinda sad, huh?