Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bottling it Makes it More Expensive

I have come to realize that if I could just bottle some of my 'life' experiences, enriching or not, I might be able to save a few people heart ache. The problem with doing this is that most people want, or NEED, to learn the hard way. If they had the chance to open a bottle and inhale someone else's knowledge I would wager that 9 out of 10 would decide not to do so. They would say they want to make their own mistakes, that they want to experience things themselves, that they want to make up their own minds, and that everyone is different. Readers, I have no such compunction.

If I could absorb someone eles's experiences through a bottle or a lotion, or ideally as a drink with liquor, I would be all over that. Experience is the closest you are every going to get to prescience. Life is all about patterns and the longer you live the more you start to spot them. Some might say this is a boring way to live your life, who wants to go through life scared of every little bump in the road. For those people, I kindly suggest they get off my porch before I shoot, and go join the circus. For me I would be happy to avoid a few of those hiccups if it meant I would be more secure, happier, and healthy. Why do we need comments like 'life isn't fair'? No it's not, but I would like to have a few less of those moments in my blind spot.

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