Friday, June 27, 2008

A Whole New World

Yesterday I was introduced to a whole new world. One I never even knew existed. And one, when I now think about it, as a girl, I should have totally be aware of. I am talking about the MAC cosmetic store.

Margarita, my guide through the world of high end, important make-up took me there for the first time. I have never seen anything like it. They had a binder full of 'looks' which I am told change seasonally. You choose the look you like and they do it in the store. Some are pretty complicated, like I am talking 15-20 different products. These women make the cosmetic girls at department stores look like deaf mutes at Karaoke night. Once your look is completed you can purchase all the products as a set and get instructions on how to apply it yourself. Or if you are an old pro at this like Margarita, you do it online: chose a look, print out your supply list and give it directly to the helpful sales lady, who is definitely wearing one of this seasons 'looks'.

Just so you understand, I DID realize that make-up existed. I knew you could by it at Shoppers Drug mart. But it always seemed pretty utilitarian to me. You hoped you could find something you liked. And when did find something, you quickly came to understand that you were in a life or death struggle with the product's maker to purchase a large enough supply of whatever it was to hold you over for awhile. For we all know, when you find something you like, that is when they decided to discontinue it. As for even attempting a 'look', truly, I had no idea such things existed.

Maybe it is because I have never been that much into make-up. I often find it a time consuming frustration. But after walking into the MAC store and seeing a real pro a work, I realized I was like a baby in a field. Suddenly, new possibilities opened up to me. Maybe I would look great in the 'A'Hoy There' look. Damn, I think I might even be able to do smokey eyes. I feel a new addiction taking off. Good I hope it isn't as bad as when Christine introduced me to purses.


Anonymous said...

so very hard to read with the dark grey then the white on the page, but i love your writing

Unknown said...

I have never heard of this place. I will defitely go check this out.