Monday, September 08, 2008

First Week's Observations

I have now lived in Banff for a full week and I have noticed a lot of little quirks about the town. First off, I have always had my nails done, meaning gel nails, because I bite like crazy. Anywhere I have ever lived most of the women I know have them as well. Usually, there is a smorgasbord of places that do them. Not in the Valley (Canmore / Banff). There is a total of 2 estheticians here. Nor have I noticed anyone besides myself who has gel nails. So I live in a town that is lousy with spas, you can get an aromatherapy ginseng seaweed wrap at 20 places, but not gel nails. Interesting.

Lululemon is like the uniform of choice for tourist girls. If you are visiting and walking main street you better be in head-to-toe yoga wear. The tighter the better.

If you live here fleece jackets are mandatory wear. If you don't own one, you need to go buy one, like, right now. You can't get past the park gate if you don't show it to them to stamp.

If you need to get a parking pass for your car you need a letter from your employer saying you work in the park and listing your address. Then you have to go to the Information building and get one. The Banff Information building where most of the staff lives in Canmore.

Mail is not delivered to your house in Banff. Nor are their superboxes. Nope. Just the good old post office. Where you have to get to go to rent a mailbox. Oh, but by the way, they are out; of mailboxes that is. But luckily, you can get one in Canmore. Or go General Delivery. Thank the transient workforce. Some of which can change address in town 3-4 times year.

All in all I love it here so far. I love that you have walk everywhere, but you get some exercise and there is always something exciting to see. And I love the laid back attitude. I guess when people are really only concerned about getting out hiking or to the hill, they don't have energy left for a lot of politics.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your liking it "there". I'm sure it's an adjustment to be in a laid back B.C.esque vacation town. I'm sure you'll eventually wonder how you lived away from there. Especially with the incredible arts community. Guess Mark will be able to see some great Jazz acts.