Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More Crazy Things

What a crazy morning so far. I went to this place my friend Craig recommended, as I wanted to get out and do some work over coffee since I don't have to work today until 1pm. But well they do offer wi-fi they don't allow you to plug in! My jaw nearly hit the floor. Why even bother then? I don't know anyone who has a laptop that can run more than an hour tops with out recharging and that is if it is already charged! There are some strange things here. But I discovered we have a HomeHardware, I didn't know that. Something about that makes me feel more at home. So you can walk from Lululemon to Home Hardware in 5 minutes.

I also have to share some of my experiences with the condo I am staying in. First off, the condo itself is really nice, I am enjoying it a lot. But the street it is on is another thing all together. It is the street straight our of hell. It seems you can't walk down this street unless you are making a ton of noise or smoking pot. I have not been able to go to bed one night yet, without having to put my ear plugs in. First it starts at about 10 with the trains, then every night without fail I get woken up at least once by drunks coming home from the bar. Usually, at about 2 in the morning. Then starting at 7am the tour buses start, and I had no idea how noisy they are. They run continuously from 7 until about 9 every morning. This is not a quiet neighborhood. Yes, it is close to everything, but I can tell you I am not thrilled with the fact that ear plugs seem to be mandatory.

This has given me great pause as the condo we put an offer on is on this exact street. Let's just say my mind is running.

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