Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Seriously Not Dead

I know I haven't updated for over a week -ekkk! I am not buried under a pile of New Yorker magazines from 1956-78. I haven't lost both arms in a tragic salad tossing accident. And - Yes, I still love you.

But I am just really, really, FREAKISHLY busy right now.

I have a week and a half on my contract left. The one that is like the plant in little shop of horrors, only instead of eating people it is eating up all my time.

When that is done, I plan to tell you all about Katya's new pink cell phone, who she calls, and what she orders with it. I also will tell you about how she is going to be a more cooperative version of Lenny Bruce.

But it just won't be able to for another a week and half.


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