Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Like, Seriously Tired

Moving House
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Alright, I understand some of you might be getting sick of listening to me talk about my move. You know, the move that NEVER seems to end. Don't blame you. I damn sick of it too. I am thinking I am never EVER going to move again. Not even from the couch to the bathroom. Isn't that why bottles were invented?

Yet, today was only one small step closer to the dream that just doesn't seem to want to become a realty. Moving into our own house. Sigh.

I have been dealing with moving stuff since I got up this morning. I have probably had 6 email conversations with our lawyer AND our mortgage broker. Not to mention the faxes and other stuff I have being exchanging with our Realtors. Seriously, it never seems to end. I thought we were supposed to be approaching the paperless universe in 2008. From my experience today, I can tell you it is not going to happen any time soon. The paper just keeps coming and it needs to be pushed, and pushed, and pushed. I am so tired. I think I might have carpal tunnel. Suddenly, I am thinking an Ashram might be more the just amusing.

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