Tuesday, December 02, 2008

It Sure Ain't Boring!

Honestly, I don't care which way you swing politically. Well, that's a lie I do, but at this moment what I find far more interesting is what is going on with our government processes. Whether you are a Tory, Liberal, NDP or think that tree frogs should rule the universe, what is happening in Ottawa right now is the best show in the world. I haven't seen Canadian politics shake off the dust and emerge so energized in, well, ever.
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Every week I read the Economist and every week we Canadians barely get a quarter of a page of news in the business tome. Compare that to Chile, which often gets half a page or more. That's right, we get less space then a country a quarter of our size and population, not to mention GDP. And why, because we are considered boring. During our election in October the Economist practically called it a snore fest, spent only two lines of text fretting over our apparent apathy, and then just figured we were too fatigued from watching the American election to get out and vote for our own. Well no more. I expect to see a half page in the next issue on the fact that three diverse political parties are actually working together to replace a minority government that has been in place less then 2 months! Something that hasn't been done since 1929. Shit, that's a long time. Why hasn't this been done before? I can't say, but I think a good part of why it is happening now is that our Prime Minister tried to bully his way one time to many and that comeuppance was due. What does that say about your leadership, when 3 political parties, that can't stand each other on a good day, actually decide to work together to oust you two months into your term? Nothing good.

But even if you don't agree with what is going on, it is within our parliamentary process to do so. Just because no one has done it in 80 years doesn't mean it isn't a legal. And it certainly doesn't hurt that it is DAMN entertaining at the same time!

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