Thursday, December 04, 2008

Loving What You Ain't Got

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Right now I feel like I am one of those crazy people from one of my favorite travel books. Under the Tuscan Sun. A Year in Proveance. The House on First Street. You know, the ones where they buy a house and then spend the rest of the book chronicling the nightmare of the renos. Yeah. That's where I am right now. And let me tell you there is not enough wine in the world to make me happy right now.

I spent four hours last night pulling up staples from our floor. This was after hacking up sub-flooring for two days with a crowbar. My right hand and arm officially hate me. Last night at 3am they decided to protest. It was so painful that if had of been my left arm, I would have been convinced I was having a heart attack. Thank God for Advil.

The house looks like a mosh pit. There is pieces of debris everywhere. Getting out the old flooring is taking so long that I am actually worried we are not going to have time to paint before we have to move in on Dec 13. I alotted us 2 weeks to do all the renos and we are already done week one and we haven't even started the painting. Yikes!

I know it will be beautiful when we are done and I will enjoy living is such splendid surroundings, I just wish that it didn't take so long to get to that point. Of course, all this would be a lot easier if we had just hired someone to do all the work, but we are saving a ton of cash by doing the rip out ourselves. And after the last few nights I understand why floorers charge a premium for getting rid of the old stuff.

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Axxman said...

Try the brand new Nail Jack or the Nail Hunter for pulling those staples and nails!