Thursday, March 19, 2009

This House has a History

Two little Friends
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On Saturday we had our next door neighbors over for drinks. It was the first time we had invited someone from our complex over and we had a great time. What was far more interesting though was the history they gave us on our house. It appears our house has been the site of a cougar attack and was once a drug den.

Seems the lady who owned the place before us had 2 dogs. I not sure where her head was but she would put them on the deck when she went to work. Our deck, which does have a railing, backs right onto the forest. Out house is built into the side of a mountain. On any given day we see all sorts of wildlife breeze past our deck while at the kitchen table. Knowing this I can't understand why anyone would think leaving a snack for a predator on their deck was a good idea, but that is what she did. Until one day she came home and found the deck looking like an autopsy. I guess a cougar had come for lunch and eaten the smaller of her dogs. And because she had been leaving food out so conveniently, the cougar stalked the house for a good deal of time after. Only mildly deterred, she had chicken wire put in around the sides and top of the deck to seal it off. I am sure, had he wanted to, the cougar would have been able to make short work of this as well.

Shortly after this she decided to go back to school in Saskatchewan, but her boyfriend decided to stay in Banff so she rented the house to him. It seems that the condo board and the neighbours started to become quite alarmed by this guy. He drove a big beat up truck, which is nothing new, but they were very concerned about the steady stream of cars that came and went 24/7. Now our neighbours did not say drugs, but I having lived across the street from a drug deal before I can recognize the M.O. I remember one time when a guy drove straight up over the curb, and across the lawn to stop just inches before he hit the front door. The dealer poked his head out the door, looked left and right, then dragged the drug addled freak from his car and brought him into the house before moving the car. Not the sort of thing you hope for with kids around. Needless, to say there was a collective sigh when the house went up for sale and the ex moved out.

Neighbours, they are a wealth of information!

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