Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Eyes! My Eye!

For the past few weeks I have been watching this British show called Skins. It is about a group of high school students in England, and each episode follows their exploits week to week. Without fail each episode has made feel horrified, red hot angry, and brought me to tears. These kids all seem to exist in a world where one of both parents are abandoning them. Or strongly considering it. Popping pills is the in the same league as having breakfast. School seems to be optional, expect as a place where you can connect to figure out what you are going to do that night. Relationships fluctuate between unrequited, unethical, and a way to kill time.

Cassie our resident anorexic, pill popper, is crushingly in love with Sid. Sid sadly, is blind to her as all he can see is Michelle. Michelle seems to be either the stupidest person on earth, or one who feel strongly that they need to be continually and ritually punished. It has to be one or the other, because otherwise I can't explain why she continues to date Sid's best Friend Tony. Tony. He is the Blair Waldorf of the group. A good looking, slimy, dilettante only interested in whatever will pleasure him 5 minutes from now. It is no huge surprise he and Sid are best friends. Tony practically walks through life shining in the sun, while Sid couldn't be more retiring. What I wait to see with baited breath is if Sid is every going to decide he actually is more then Tony's blunt tool and plaything. I'd worry about Michelle, but she too far gone, and I am sorry, I can't abide women who let men treat them like garbage.

I guess long story short, if you thinking Gossip Girl is to tame for you, check out Skins.

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Anonymous said...

And you find it difficult to find time to clean the house??? A couple of more posts like these and I am taking away your TV privliges young lady.