Thursday, March 26, 2009


For the past few weeks I have been trying to write my birth mother letter. I had absolutely no idea when I started it would go through this many iterations. But how do you sum up your entire character in a 1 to 2 page letter? It's like using a super 8 ball to answer a list of pre-determined questions. Favorite colour: Yes.

I would like to have a little of what I am really am like shine through. However, so far I barely have 1 paragraph and that has been rewritten 20 times. How is it that I can sit down and tap something out for this blog every week and I can't seem to hit the right note in this letter?

Writing a birth mother letter is like the hardest direct marketing campaign that you could get assigned to. You know almost nothing about your target market. There is fierce competition in the market place, and worse still, there is no way to know if you message is having any impact, and if not, how to adjust it so it will.

This is so nerve wracking! Sure you put all the specs: work, hobbies, parents, pets. But how do you put the stuff someone, let alone a girl about to make the biggest decision of her life, wants to know? And maybe that is the whole problem, maybe instead of saying what I think she wants to hear, I need to just write about me warts and all. Next 20 re-writes coming up!

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