Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Using the Proper Word

Female pelvic cavity
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This past weekend Michelle and Kris came for a visit. I was so hopped up with excitement Thursday before their arrival I felt like the kids in that Disney ad where the mother asks, 'you asleep?' and the father says, 'no, too excited!'

I haven't seen Kris since November when she moved to Edmonton to live with James, and I hadn't seen Michelle since about the same time. Friday night started out with a bang. Kris decided she was going to drink doubles. Kris usually only drinks doubles of Perrier. Once a little happy she began to drink and dial. Luckily, James is solidly anti-phone to begin with, so he neatly nipped this in the bud.

Michelle and I tried to pace ourselves a little better so that we could actually function the next day. Of course, all this revelry brought about all sorts of topics of conversation. However, I think I can say the one that made Mark fervently wish he could dig a hole and hide in it was on the topic of vaginas.

Kris started talking abut how they can grow replacement bladders and arteries etc. Which prompted Michelle to muse whether women who had given birth would like to replace their vaginas. Now this is an excellent question, but one that sounded to Mark like someone was banging cymbals right beside his head. We ultimately decided that unlike a bladder that could be removed whole scale, vaginas could not, in fact, be replaced.

This sorted, it make me think of Katya. Because right now vagina is her favorite word. Her mother trying to be helpful and modern explained to her she has a vagina. Jillian felt Katya should use the proper word so that there would be no confusion as she got older. Sadly, this excellent reason has been sadly perverted by a 3.5 year old who is more reality TV then Opera at this point. Katya knows she shouldn't say vagina in polite company, but absolutely realizes this is why she MUST say it in front of people - often - and in the most public place possible.

So there you go, the perfect nexus, all women want to talk about is vaginas.


Kris said...

I will laugh about that conversation for a very long time.

Jillian said...

Oh too funny. This happened a couple of days ago while I was working out Katya brought over a bunny that she had and pointed out too my trainer and I where his bum and vagina were located.