Friday, May 08, 2009

Hello World, Today is This Man's Birthday

Cool Shades Dude
Originally uploaded by heidi schempp fournier.
Have you seen him? If so, please be aware that he is extremely old and fragile. Don't jostle him, he might break. Never yell at him as he can't hear you. He'll just think you are super happy with whatever he is doing. Watch the hips, they creak a bit. Careful what you ask. You don't want to hear all about how it was done in his day!

Alas, he is 36 now. But we tell him 12, as that is what it would be in dog years. And if do you cross paths with him, here are the answers to the questions he will ask., it doesn't get smaller with age.
...everyone thinks that colour looks great on you.
...increased hair growth is a side effect.
...I don't know where you can buy hemorrhoid cream.

And finally, just to be safe, carry a slice of birthday cake with you. But don't get too close. Just put it on the ground in front of you and slowly back away. Never, ever, break eye contact.

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