Thursday, May 07, 2009


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Yesterday I started running after work with a group. For the first ten minutes I was there the group was cataloging all their aches and pains from running. It soon became apparent to me why they were all so sore. They did no warm up, just started running straight out from standing. NEVER a good idea, and one I wasn't thrilled about. Within about 5 minutes I could feel the back of my left thigh starting to seize up.

Before we started I asked what they were running, coming from the run / walk school of thought myself. No walking, they just run flat out, continuously for 35 minutes. Again, not how I run. Most running books will tell you to run 9-10 minutes and then walk 1 minute. This stretches your muscles, breaks down lactic acid and helps to prevent injuries. The kind that I heard the group groaning about to begin with. Walking also has little bearing on your finish time. So unless you are trying to qualify for Boston, it is not a big deal.

Next they took off and pretty much left me in the dust. I had no idea where I was, and if I had of known I would have turned around and headed home I was so pissed off. I appreciate that when people have been running together a while they tend to build there own pace. I also appreciate that I was running at a much slower pace then they were. Finally, I understand that you may have limited time and want to get the most bang for your buck in the smallest amount of time, but isn't it good manners to bring it down a little bit to accommodate someone? Luckily, when they lost all eye contact with me they did eventually turn around and come back. But, what I did notice on my Garmin, which I use to help modulate my pace, is that by the end of the run, they were running at the pace I had been doing for almost the whole time.

However, it was still far faster then I am used to and trying to keep up I started to get a horrible headache and a nasty throb in my shoulder. Again, not a good sign. It was the most miserable run I have done in over a month. Usually, I like running, this however, was not fun and I did not enjoy it.

I had pretty much decided this was not the group for me, when I noticed how many calories I burned. It was a lot. This is the only reason I am giving this a second chance next week. If it is again misery, I will won't be back. Getting out to exercise can be hard enough, I don't feel the need to make it any harder then it already is.

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