Tuesday, May 05, 2009

And Stacked Above My Head

Stack of Old Books
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Jesus! I just realized I am in the process of reading 5 books! 5! In no known universe is that a good idea. And I grabbed a new book today, that I just am DYING to start.reading.right.now.

This is getting a little out of hand. I stay up too late reading and then can't get to sleep. My sleeping patterns are all akimbo. Mark is eying me like he needs to start organizing an intervention. And he may be right. Although, as I said, it could be worse. I could be up all night screaming at under aged children to sew faster for Wal-mart.

So here is what I am reading breaks down. One biography. On Andrew Jackson. Yes, that Andrew Jackson; and yes, I am aware I am not American. One travel memoir about the bohemians who attempt to wrest Sonoma back from the dilettante wine snobs who are slowly buying it all up. One novel about coming to the New World. Which is going very slow, in fact I am thinking of suing the reviewer who convinced me to buy it with his ohhhs and ahhs. One treaty on how weekenders from big cities are ruining small mountain towns. Cue indignant rant about Calgarians. And finally, since I have always been a sucker for the more, more, more sensibility, I am re-reading the Diana Galabon series. I hear sighs (great sex in these books) and then groans (only the first one is less then a thousand pages).

This is really impeding my plans to get Angles and Demons read before I go to see the movie. And considering the movie is coming out in two weeks, I'd say my chances of accomplishing this are nil. Nor have I had time to read The Time Traveler's Wife or My Life in France. Luckily, the movies for those books don't come out until August. I am going to need a reading only vacation.

Of course, it is going to take me to September to read Diana Gabaldon's whole series. I should get it done just in time for the release of the next book . Glutton for punishment, right here.


Squirrelly Girly said...

I too suffer from this malady. I'm currently reading: A Dirty Job [by Christopher Moore], Living with the Dead [by Kelley Armstrong], Four and Twenty Blackbirds [by Cherie Preist], and two mythological encyclopedias. Although currently, I'm so tired at night, I just fall asleep without reading, which is prolly why I'm getting no where!!

Have you signed up for goodreads.com?
I started moving things off my currently reading shelf when it had been more than a month since I flipped a page.

Anonymous said...

I too have this problem....should we start a support group? Nope, all we would talk about would be books anyway!
Angels and Demons is a quick read, but good (same as DaVinci Code). I highly recommend The Time Traveller's Wife...it's become one of my top five favourite books!! Gita, I also liked The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore - very funny!
Good luck!
P.S. - I have a great biography on Pierre Trudeau I'm reading right now that's excellent. Also am reading The Elegance of the Hedgehog - it's fantastic. And just started Good to a Fault. Am not allowing myself to start any new books until these are done!