Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Victoria Bound

May long weekend has become something of a traditional pilgrimage for me to Victoria. I have been very fortunate that a good friend moved out there a few years ago to work for Royal Roads. She lets me sleep on her couch and graciously shows me around the city. Usually when I go we do lots of shopping and eating, and this year was no exception. But this year, we also went on a wine tour!

Things you think while on a wine tour

- Did she even pour enough wine in my glass to taste?
- Shit, too much wine! To late, buzzed.
- I'm SOOOO hungry!

And what you think at the end of the wine tour: Too much wine! Need to sleep! Now!

Of course, we also hit the Royal BC museum where they were showing a wonderful collection of artifacts from antiquity to the present from cultures across the world. All the items had been lent by the Royal British Museum, and with the exception of the Rosetta Stone, were all authentic. I had a great time, but took a little too long to get through. Christine finally came back and pointed out we still had shopping to do, and could I get my ass through the exhibit already?

So we rushed back out into the bright daylight, and I might add, warm weather (do you hear that mother nature? It can be done!) to get some shopping done. We hit Munro's bookstore where Christine said I became a drooling sycophant freaking out the owner with my gushing review of his store and book stock.

Then we ate at Pagliacci's which is a must. We even got there before the line started. Christine was like a guided missile, zoning in on their bread sticks. She grabbed me by the arm in mid-fawning rave to the Munro's owner and dragged me through the streets to the front door just as they opened. No word of a lie, it was already full, except for our table. Within 10 minutes there was a line down the block. We chuckled at the poor people waiting outside, stuffed ourselves with bread sticks and wine, and felt very content.

It was a great trip. In fact we have already decided what we are doing next year. Daytrip to Seattle on the clipper ship! Can hardly wait!

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Rebecca 'Becky' Heaman said...

I wanna come next year!! (If I am still in the area that is!!)