Tuesday, May 26, 2009

They Said it Would Happen, I Didn't Believe Them

Finally, on Saturday, Mother Nature got off her ass and made the sun shine. I was beginning to think I lived in Narnia with the White Witch still ruling, and making everything winter. I seriously thought: this may be a beautiful place to live, but if I have to live with snow all year long, it ain't for me.

But Saturday we finally got to enjoy our deck. We sat out there all day drinking wine, reading books, yakking and just generally luxuriating in the sunlight. Plus, the view is spectacular. As Mark said it was almost as good as going camping. And it's private. We back onto a forest reserve. So we could have sat naked drinking wine and none would be the wiser.

I am hoping to do a lot more deck sitting in the coming weeks. So I hope we have seen the end of the snow and rain for a while. If you would like to come sit on my deck with me, your more then welcome. Just remember, you have to bring the first bottle.

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