Thursday, May 28, 2009

Worth the Money???

Money, Money
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Lately there are a bunch of things I do, on the side, that I have started to re-evaluate. Wondering if they are worth the time I am investing, and worth the money I am getting paid to do them. Sadly, more often then not, the answer is a solid no.

Since we moved to Banff, which is an expensive place, I feel like I need to do all this extra stuff to bring in some extra bucks. And I do like the things those dollars allow us to afford. But the fact of the matter is, I just find most of it pisses me off. Usually, it is a huge drain on my time, I never seem to get paid when I am supposed to, and there is almost always at least one inconvenience / hiccup which ends up costing me money.

I have seriously thought of dumping all these extra courses that I do and just getting a plain old waitressing job. After taxes, I think I would make more on tips. And it is a lot less hassle, with no marking and no homework. I just don't know if I want to give up the time for that either.

Mark says I should just lay off and take a break. I think he is right. I am not going to do any extra stuff over the next year. I am just going to follow my bliss and create a nice hollow into my couch cushions.

I pray I can make it through the whole year before breaking down and taking some else on. Light candles for me folks. I am afraid I am weak.

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