Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Saying What We're All Thinking

Sensual shapes
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I was looking at pictures of Victoria Beckham today. All I could think is, 'no wonder her husband keeps cheating on her.' Because let's be honest, how much fun can it be grinding up against a sharp object. She looks great in pictures, but there is not much to cuddle up to there. She is a woman almost completely lacking in all the qualities that define the feminine. Even her fake tits look hard and unwelcoming. And this is supposed to be the ideal?

I don't know if it is because I am getting older, or just more set in my ways, but when I open up magazines like Elle and Flare I just get pissed off. These magazines purport to be about fashion. But I think what they are really about is teaching you to hate yourself and anyone else who is not a size 0. The message is clear, you can't be attractive, let alone fashionable if you aren't a stick.

I can't contain my shock at how the woman look in these magazines. They women are so thin. What happened to Cindy Crawford like bodies? Are we really buying what Hollywood and these magazines are selling? That women should resemble little boys? No hips. No tits. Protruding bones?

But from this, can we infer that men find this attractive? Is this sexy? Or is this what women think is attractive? And to who? It can only be to other woman. Because I don't know too many men who have pictures of fashion models and Victoria Beckham hanging on their walls. Buxom swim suit models, Victoria Secret models, yes. But hot pics of skeletal girls gliding down the runway, no. Are we forced to see these images because woman want to one-up other women? Because what I have been seeing is not only unrealistic, and unachievable for anyone who wants to eat, it is just downright horrifying. I am all for being a healthy weight, emphasis on healthy, but when I see some of these women, so painfully thin, I am turned right off. Just thinking about what you would have to do and give up to achieve this look makes me wonder, what is the point of living if all you eat is steamed vegetables and workout 2 hours a day everyday? I think I would rather be dead.

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