Thursday, June 04, 2009

Facing Down Martha Stewart

I recently wrote in my birth mother letter that when Mark and I decided to get married I became obsessed with Martha Stewart. In fact, I was obsessed with having a perfect Martha Stewart wedding. And that having a perfect Martha Stewart wedding usually cures you of wanting to have a perfect Martha Stewart life. I am happy to say I remain disease free to this day. There are no sharp corners in my house, no objects that can't be touched, no off limit rooms with white carpets. Yet, while I escaped the worst of the contagion, I some how don't seem to have any inclination to do any type of interior design at all.

At one time in my life I loved the idea of purchasing cool floor lamps, fabulous prints for the walls, getting the perfect throw cushions, and finding the right coffee table book. Ikea was a mecca and I could happily wander through it for days. Now I can't stand the sight of it. It is on my 'only if you have to' list. My approach these days is more like: is it on sale? Do walls need pictures? Why do I need a magazine rack when I can just create a tower of magazines beside the couch. Sadly, I have become the anti-decorator. My weapon of choice is sloth.

Not that I don't like having a beautiful house. I just don't want to have to be the one making it that way. I get annoyed with the cost of designer paint colours, irrationally possessive about parting with my couches, and snarky about the perceived need to have to have leather furniture. Leather furniture is to my age group what avocado appliances were to the 70's.

Oh, won't someone come hang a coat rack for me? My banister is sagging under the weight of all my jackets.


Rebecca 'Becky' Heaman said...

Sweetie, my wonderful leather couch is one of the few items I would have serious issues about getting rid of. I plan to own it for a very long time... the rest of my furniture, lamps, dishes, etc. could all be taken away and I would be a-o-k! :)

Anonymous said...

Very funny . . . but also a reality check on our priorities. You are right to question the importance of some of these trivial values. Consumerism is encouraged in this part of the world but unheard of in most countries where shelter and food are most important.
Down with Martha!!
Love your thoughts