Thursday, October 08, 2009

H1N1 Weariness #n1h1weariness

While I appreciate that Swine Flu is a very serious disease, it is getting totally blow out of proportion. I was all for warnings at the beginning, but now every day I am being inudated with signs to cough 'in my cough cave', how to properly wash my hands, and what things I shouldn't touch. I am starting to think the only place left safe is the vacuum of space. Just this week I saw a sign that not only implored me to cough into my arm, and wash my hands, but preferably to not touch the sinks taps or the door handle on the way out of the bathroom AFTER I had washed my hands. I understand being smart about hygiene, but come on! I mean read between the lines. What it was actually saying was 'Yo Dummy, did you buy yourself a full body condom with a crotch flap yet? Cause, maybe you should.'

All this over zealousness is causing panic, rather then reassuring people. Everywhere you go there are signs, and hand sanitizers, and people freaking out. Look at this sign from a store in Vermont. Now look at the image below. You have a better chance of dying in a vehicular accident then of swine flu.

And the ridiculous stories keep rolling in. A friend told me that counters where recyclable pop bottles are placed has to be sanitized every morning. Where the empty bottle sat. Hopefully, employees at the Bottle Depot have Hazmat suits on when they take in new recyclables.

But it keeps going on. Would love to hear you ridiculous stories. Comment here or use the hashtag #h1n1weariness to respond on Twitter.

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