Friday, October 09, 2009

First Snow Fall of Winter

Last night, the snow is coming down in sheets, big, fat flakes. The Tran- Canada is closed down due to weather. It's a parking lot or road side resting spot, depending on when you got on. This is frightening weather. You should just bunker in at home. A few movies, a warm blanket, the fireplace glowing. Winter, its all about staying close to home after all.

But if you could make it past the snow = nesting instinct & wandered outside you would have seen a winter wonderland. We decided, let's get out! Damn be that torrential snow storm! So we donned touques, gloves, parkas, & embarrisingly large boots & headed to the Legion. Little did we know we were heading to the local social event of the week. Bingo Night! The highway was shut down, the streets were clogged with snow, and did I meantion it was damn cold? Yet, it was standing room only for Bingo. A huge swath of town had trudged through the mounds of snow to eat tuna sandwiches and yell BINGO! I love this quirky town.

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