Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hulu, grrrr! Kindle, bigger grrrr!

Great article on why Hulu is geoblocked to Canadians. But this is by no means the only technology you can't get here. The other big one is the Kindle ( from Amazon. I would use both if they were available to me, but neither are.

I would love to watch The Tick and other showes on Hulu, or another type of site. I would even pay for content, but that just doesn't seem to be possible. Even on iTunes what you can download for TV in Canada is very limited. Two of my favourtie shows right now, Drop Dead Diva and Greek aren't available in anyway to me, but by Bit Torrent. And companies wonder why people 'steal' content. Hey, make it available man, and I will happily pay for it.

And since I can't get a Kindle I have decided instead to use what is available to me through my iPhone. I downloaded, for free, and love the eReader application, which is powered by Barnes and Noble, an American company and Amazon competitor. So far I have read 3 books on my iPhone and this has been enough to convince me I am done with hard copy books. I would have done this on a Kindle, but since Canada's wireless providers can't get their sh%t together, and American company's like Amazon don't view us as a large enough market I guess they can just count me as another missed sales opportunity.

I understand resistance to change. I even understand trying to create new business models that will work in a changing digital world. However, what I don't get is limiting, blocking, or just plain not making content available to people who WANT to buy it. Please, don't take my money!

Luckily, Barnes and Noble don't seem to have the same issues. And I am happy to be their customer.

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