Sunday, November 17, 2013

DYI Light Bulb Wreath

First off I have to admit this wreath looks better in the pictures than it does to me in the flesh. 

This is due to one thing, I cheaped out: I had a green form and I am cheap. It had nothing to do with the snow storm yesterday (no, I'm not joking). I could have driven into Calgary to buy a new form from Michael's, but I just didn't feel like it. I know, first world problems. Therefore, I had to use the green form. So I tried to spray paint it white, and it just didn't work out. I think this would've been prettier if I had had a form that I could have sprayed silver.

However, if you are not perturbed by this silly tirade and wish to attempt this  wreath, which actually is very pretty (ignore the form), here is how you do it.

First off I went to the hardware store and I bought bulbs in about five or six different colors. Old-style, large bulbs. I know this because I was told so by a guy in line who said: wow, those are old fashioned bulbs. 

Then I found some little blinking lights, made for craft projects, also at the hardware store. 

They just wrap around the form, and you glue them in a place however you like. Easy peezey. 

Finally, attach the bow to cover the batteries that power these lights, and you are finished. Your light bulb wreath is ready to hang!  

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