Monday, November 25, 2013

DYI Winter Pine Cone Wreath

We are having a silent auction at work to benefit The United Way this week. I wanted to create something that could be submitted and I was inspired by a similar wreath at Victorian Studio. So I decided to attempt it, and sell the result for charity. I went to Michael's and picked up 3 bags of pine cones, little red bulbs, and some red birds.

I spray painted the pine cones with white paint, and then covered them with a glossy shellac of silver glitter. It's hard to see it in theses pictures, but it gave the wreath a nice glimmer. Perfect, to match the moon glittering off the snow outside. 

Once the pine cones were done - I had to spray paint them twice to get them a nice white - I started to glue them onto a white foam form. It took quite a while to place the right sized cones next to each other to cover the form. This will take the most amount of time in this project. Once that was done I started to place the birds and bulbs, looking for the right symmetry. 
Before affixing the last pine cones, I glued a red ribbon to the top of the wreath so that it would hang nicely. This wreath is very heavy once done, so make sure your ribbon is solidly attached. Voila! You should have something similar to the picture below. 
I think this is a perfect wreath to take you through the holiday season, as well as the rest of winter. Hopefully, someone at the silent auction on Thursday will feel the same & bid good money for it!

Update: My wreath sold for $45! The lady who bought it was very excited and was planning on hanging it up as soon as she got home.

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