Sunday, April 09, 2006

Podcast Passion

This Friday, I had one of our Multimedia guys come into my class to film me teaching a lesson. The idea being to do a test of creating a vod/podcast for students to download off iTunes. The Univeristy of Calgary is moving big in this direction and since it seems to be de rigueur to be wired (and it is VERY cool) we though we would kick the tires to see what it would look like. So purely for research purposed, after we finished, I went to iTunes (my temple) and downloaded some podcasts. I have to say, you don't know what you have been missing if you haven't been downloading podcasts! I ended up downloading most of Friday night! I downloaded a great series on the Bzyantine Empire, another on European History, and then some fun stuff. My favortie right now is 'Ask a Nijna'! When I read that title, I thought, how stupid is this going to be! Then I watch it and it was so funny I was dragging people passing by into my office in to listen. If you have iTunes I suggest you check out this podcast now, if you don't check out the link above for the website.

Don't say I don't give back.

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