Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Just a Chair by the Fire

Mark and I have been having a serious conversation. Which I think we will continue to have, circling around an answer we already know, but are loath to admit. This conversation has revolved around the question, 'how many sports bars do you need' to truly call yourself a hip place. Because it has become abundantly clear to us that if you should be: thinking about, opening, taking over, inheriting, or frequenting a bar, damn it, it should be a Sports Bar. EVERYONE loves a Sports Bar. I mean what's not to like? Which almost begs the question, which came first the Wide Screen TV or Karaoke.

But why? Why can't there be room for a nice little place with comfy chairs that has a decent wine list, that...wait for it...doesn't have multiple TV sets, blaring music, and a determined view to enticing anyone under the age of 23 to spend Thursday nights and their student loans on $2 dollar highballs? What do you do when you are an adult? Meaning you don't want a $2 highball or to play Guess that Song? What if you just want to enjoy someone's company over a nice drink in a quiet, tranquil atmosphere? Well it appears my friend the answer is simple. That place is called your living room.


Unknown said...

You stole my answer, sorta. I was going to say "My back deck".

There is a sports bar across from where I work. Chris and I usually there around 6:00 PM and leave by 8:30 or 9:00 PM cause that's when all the youngin's start arriving. I've been young and stupid once, and I don't want to be reminded of HOW stupid by watching the new young ones do the same stupid things! LOL

Squirrelly Girly said...

you should open one. Charge a 5 cover and id anyone under 27 and then turn them away. If they still drink blush wine - they are tossed out of the joint.