Tuesday, May 27, 2008


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I have been doing acupuncture for about 2 months now, and I can't believe the difference it has made in my stress levels. I have been seriously calm in the face of several big upsets in the last few weeks.

My acupuncturist is great, but even if she wasn't, it wouldn't be prudent to upset someone who is going to put needles into you. What I think is funny is the fact that every time I go I leave with more and more needles left in. Originally, she put one needle into my ear for stress. Then the next time I got that get another one of those and one on the back on the lobe for sleep. Today, I got both again and a set for the other ear so that it doesn't get left out. These usually last about 2 weeks before they fall out. And I have been given homework. I am supposed to remember to breath (I guess I am a holder) and to tap my ear needles when I feel myself cycling up.

So while I may set off metal detectors wherever I go, I will be really calm when they do my strip search.


Unknown said...

They leave them in??? How does that work! I thought they were long or something! I'm really curious now. I've never seen anyone walking around with needles sticking out of their ears!!!!! LOL

Heidi Schempp Fournier said...

Well, it is not like the needles they use during the actual procedure. :-)

For me they put in 2 tiny metal balls that are band-aided into the ear. My acupuncturists says I am too sensitive to put the actually stay-in-needles, which I understand are like tiny thumb tacks. Although, if much more goes haywire in my life I might beg her too! :-)